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bougeoir noir

Black candlestick


In their Noir Edition version, the Balougie aluminium candlesticks are dressed in a deep black colour and a bold finish.


Like the goldsmith who fashions precious metals, l'Alufacture offers with its Balougie black candlestick prestige object, shaped in the mass. Thanks to its shot-blasted and polished finish, the metal captures all the reflections, thus revealing its multiple facets. A depth that echoes that of colour : instilled into the material, the pigment fills the aluminium with all its intensity.

In daylight, the Balougie designer candlestick is discreet and controls its reflections. Under the evening light, it reveals itself and sparkles, becoming the ultimate decorative touch.


DesignC+B Lefebvre.

Anodized aluminum, made in France


Our Balougie black candlestick is available as a standard in shot-blasted and brilliant finish Noir Métérore : an intense and deep black pigment

Dimensions : L.8 x W.8 x H.30 cm

bougeoir noir

black candlestick

Preserve natural resources, engage in sustainable development : demanding concerns, which are at the origin of l'Alufacture's creations and of its interest in eco-conception. By choosing our Balougie designer candlesticks, you are therefore selecting a product whose environmental impact has been truly optimized : one more step towards an informed consumption.


Resolutely ecological, aluminium is a metal which, in its natural state, is as durable as it is resistant. But once anodized, using clean and certified VOC-free processes, those characteristics are greatly intensified. This is how our designer candlestick guarantees you an extreme resistance, while remaining 100% recyclable. Did you know ? 75% of the metal produced since 1880 is still circulating today. This is why our Balougie black candlestick is made in recycled aluminium !

bougeoir noir
bougeoir noir

100% french made
black candlestick

Like all of our collections, the Balougie designer candlesticks are made in the heart of our French workshops, located in the Champagne region. L'Alufacture thus makes you a promise of quality, a pledge of authenticity.


By favoring short circuits and local work, l'Alufacture makes its designer candlestick the ambassador of a responsible production, with a controlled carbon footprint. Indeed, our metal is selected from local suppliers, a guarantee of quality that meets our requirements. Then, from the processing of the raw material to the finished product, all the manufacturing stages of our Balougie black candlestick are the result of the expert work of our passionate operators, whose know-how in aluminium processing has been passed down since 1938.


L'Alufacture's aluminium candlestick thus claims to be 100% French made, and proud to be !


When anodized, aluminium acquires an extremely durable finish.

Indoors and outdoors, your product successfully withstands the passage of time. And even if you want to change, anodized aluminium is 100% recyclable !

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