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Frequently asked questions

Find here the answers to your most frequently asked questions


Where are l'Alufacture's products made ?

The collections of l'Alufacture are made from A to Z in France, in Champagne, in our workshops specializing in aluminium work since 1938. Our collections are the result of their extraordinary know-how, and their rare mastery of coloured anodization.

Anodized aluminium, an ecological material ?

Yes ! Contrary to popular belief, anodized aluminium is the perfect material for sustainable development.

First of all, the machining of aluminium does not generate any waste : aluminium scrap and chips are systematically revalued. Then, the anodization of the aluminium does not generate any pollution : during this electrochemical process, the water vapors which are released do not contain any VOCs. Liquid effluents are reprocessed, and the processes are ISO 14001 certified. Furthermore, anodized aluminium, unlike lacquered metal, is extremely durable : even outdoors, it resists for decades. Finally, it remains 100% recyclable : fusion after fusion, it retains its properties, so that 75% of the aluminium used today has been in circulation since 1880 !

What is anodized aluminium ?

Anodization is a chemical process aimed at destroying the oxide layer which protects aluminium in its natural state, before recreating it more resistant and more homogeneous. Very different from a painting process, anodization allows aluminium to retain its metallic appearance, its reflections and its depth ; the injection of a pigment during the process infuses the colour directly into the metal. It is then adorned with a finish that is as aesthetic as it is durable, while remaining 100% recyclable and very easy to maintain.

What is eco-design ?

Eco-design is a term that represents the desire to design products while respecting the principles of sustainable development. This approach takes into account the environmental impacts of the product from its design, then throughout its life cycle.

Our collections marked as eco-designed are part of this approach.



Our online store is closing in favor of the development of in-store distribution from January 2022. In the meantime, if you wish  to place an order, you can contact us at : hello@ .

After sale service

My product arrived damaged, what should I do ?

If your product has been damaged during transport, and you have followed the procedure for receiving the goods, contact us at Together we will find the best solution.

There was an error / an oversight in my order, what should I do ?

Upon receipt of your order, if you notice an error / an oversight in the products ordered, contact us at Together we will find the best solution.

What is the warranty period for your products ?

Our products are guaranteed for 2 years. During this period, in the event of a problem, the defective parts are replaced at our expense. After this period, you can contact us at Together we will find the best solution.

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