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Minimalist style : decoration trend with a pure design

The current trend is “slow deco”. Minimalist interiors flourish and are recognized by their preferences for straight lines, the choice of noble materials and a pure but ultra functional design. A way of life that favors a return to a simple and pretty life, where each object is chosen for its lightness.

Luxury, calm and voluptuousness


To create a soothing atmosphere in your home, consider limiting excessively massive furniture as much as possible. Luxury today is found in space ; favor light and airy furniture, which furnishes each of our rooms without weighing them down. This lightness is found in particular in metallic wire objects, very designer and always very poetic. A style like our Regula range : a cleverly thought-out furniture collection, the apparent simplicity of which actually hides a real technical complexity.

Design decoration


We do not do more modern than the design decoration, the contemporary chic decoration. This trend is very comfortable and functional, behind its pretty airs. To put it in place, choose elements in Plexiglas, metal, glass and a pretty designer piece.

The safe bet in designer style is black metal. Combined with a bright interior and light-coloured walls, the result is very modern. Spice it up with a hint of colour to add a touch of boldness to the ensemble.

Authentic decoration


Sparkles of light, games of form and texture... L'Alufacture works with aluminium in its most surprising features, to create exceptional objects. The colour, infused into the material, acquires an inimitable profundity and thus gives aluminium all the strength of its character.

Choosing l'Alufacture means choosing 100% aluminium, 100% French and 100% authentic collections !

Nos collections
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Regula étagère murale design en métal al
Mobilier meuble étagère bibliothèque alu
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