Modern bedside table

The bedside table is to the bedroom what design is to creation : essential. A piece of furniture that is an accomplice to the bed, the bedside sometimes takes its lines to become its extension, or, on the contrary, asserts its own character in a play of style and genre very different from the rest of the furniture.


You can put your lamp, your current book, your everyday jewelry... If the bedside table remains a small practical piece of furniture, it contributes to the decoration of the bedroom. Ultra contemporary or industrial style, the bedside table is available in many registers to better please you.

Design bedside table

This small piece of furniture is essential to dress or revamp a room. For many of us, the nightstand, or bedside table, allows us to put down our little lamp, store our favorite book or our little connected speaker. Either way, it is a key element of the room that has just as much the right to be tastefully chosen to participate in the decoration of the room.

Where to place the nightstand ?


Before you fall in love with a nightstand model, you have to pay attention to the space dedicated to it. You also have to take into account the idea of ​​your use of it. Placed on one or both sides of the bed, it must have a large enough surface to place a bedside lamp, one or more books, your alarm clock... It is your lifestyle in this intimate room that will help you to define the right dimensions for your bedside table.

Regula nightstand


Assembled without welds, Regula furniture is the result of a design process that brings technical sophistication to the aesthetic impetus. Available in dimensions 40x55 cm, they then become perfect bedside tables for a contemporary bedroom ; chosen in Métal Tanné finish, they bring a touch of warm colour that varies with the lighting.

The ethereal lines of our Regula bedside tables follow the timeless industrial trend, while the use of anodized aluminium, rich in highlights and full of profundity, spices up the finesse of their design.

Mobilier meuble étagère bibliothèque alu
Mobilier meuble étagère bibliothèque alu
Mobilier meuble étagère bibliothèque alu