Unique and original decoration

Who does not dream of an interior with a unique decor ? Such a goal, however, is not easy to achieve !

Part of the reason is that we have all submitted to the same influences. Department stores, social networks, television shows... So many sources of inspiration shared by all, and widely used in interiors around the world.

The key to original decor lies above all in expressing individual tastes and personality. A successful decoration is a decoration that looks like us !

Here are l'Alufacture's tips for creating a unique and original decor.


Start from the basics

The essentials should be favored when it comes to decoration. To do this, it is first necessary to identify your needs, because they will have to be taken into account in the implementation of the decoration.


Storage furniture, occasional furniture or portable furniture : from the side table to the bookshelf, the furniture is full of functions that will meet your expectations. L'Alufacture's anodized aluminium furniture is a good example. Regula console, Small coffee table... our products elegantly combine the finesse of the design and the delicacy of the realization. Lightweight and ethereal, they assemble and move around according to your desires, for both unique and multiple compositions !

Using accessories for decoration will then brighten up your interior little by little.  

Reflect your style and values

In a living space, it is important to have a decoration that matches the tastes of its occupants. A style that reflects our personality is indeed a very good way to distinguish our interior from that of others. List what you like, what you aspire to : there are many sources of inspiration ! These desires will then be translated through the decoration.

Decoration is also a good way to showcase your convictions. Do you support French manufacturing ? Go for "blue white red" brands ! Do you want to do something for the environment ? Succumb to eco-designed furniture !

An interior that reflects your values ​​is an authentic and unique interior, like you.


Psst... Fans of the metallic touch ? Our aluminium decorative objects successfully combine function with aesthetics. Even more than simple accessories, they become real artworks, and bring a bold and assertive decorative touch to each interior.

To show creativity

Decorating is a task within everyone's reach. But decorating in a unique way takes a bit of skill ! Creativity is essential to skillfully decorate a space. There are also many ways to awaken the creative spirit that lies dormant in us, starting with tailor-made.

At l'Alufacture, we master the aluminium know-how. A particular desire, a very specific project ? Contact us, we will be happy to study your request !

Serre-livres design en aluminium Regula
Vase design en aluminium Building
Bougeoirs design en aluminium Balougie
Bougeoirs design en aluminium Balougie