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Eco-conception is a term designating the desire to design products while respecting the principles of sustainable development. This approach takes into account the environmental impacts of the product from its conception, then throughout its life cycle, from the raw material to the end of its life.

At its own level, l'Alufacture undertakes to participate in global reflection, with the aim of preserving the planet's natural resources and encouraging enlightened consumption .

Our collections marked as eco-designed are part of this approach, by meeting the criteria listed below.

L'Alufacture mobilier métal aluminium design contemporain éco-conçu


L'Alufacture mobilier métal aluminium design contemporain éco-conçu


L'Alufacture mobilier métal aluminium design contemporain éco-conçu


L'Alufacture mobilier métal aluminium design contemporain éco-conçu


The material

L'Alufacture only works with aluminium, a material with a responsible environmental profile. Anodized, this metal is extremely durable. It retains its appearance for decades, and resists both indoors and outdoors.

The manufacturing

The anodized finish, l'Alufacture's signature, guarantees a product without paint, lacquer and varnish ; this is what allows aluminium to remain recyclable. The assembly, purely mechanical , requires neither glue nor resin.

Based on clean and certified processes, the production of l'Alufacture collections does not generate any VOC emissions, and the water resulting from anodic treatments is systematically reprocessed. The workshops are also the subject of an annual certification issued by the Intertek organization concerning international standards ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001, relating respectively to quality management, environmental management and health and safety management at work.

Entirely made in France, l'Alufacture's products favor short circuits and reduce the company's carbon footprint.



The anodized aluminium makes the metal very easy to live with. It is maintained with soap and water, without the need to use chemicals.

The assembly system, without welding and without gluing, makes it possible to facilitate the replaceability of the parts, without having to change the whole piece of furniture.

End of life

100% aluminium, l'Alufacture collections are made from a unique material, facilitating the recycling process. Anodized aluminium is fully recyclable, and can also be reused endlessly : fusion after fusion, it retains its main characteristics, thus limiting the use of natural resources. 75% of the metal produced since 1880 is still in use today !



With l'Alufacture, you choose to opt for eco-designed products : a responsible gesture, and a nice way to assert your values !

Fin de vie
End of life
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