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serre livre



With its minimalist design and its distinctive material, the Regula bookend elegantly showcases your favorite books.


Matching our range of Regula furniture, our bookend is made of folded, lightly brushed and satin-finished aluminium sheet. This delicate work of the material, combined with a coloured anodized finish, gives this designer bookend a depth that enhances its simplicity. Its ultra-thin velvet pads help protect the surface that hosts it, while remaining as discreet as the slender silhouette of the bookend requires.

Declined on its own, the Regula bookend allows you to highlight a few books on a shelf. Declined to several, it allows to dress a library from start to finish. In any case, it's the perfect accessory, available in l'Alufacture's flagship colours.

Design L'Alufacture.

Anodized aluminum, made in France

Available in multiple finishes


The Regula bookend is available in a selection of standard anodized colours :

Gris Neutral : a colourless pigment that enhances aluminium

Métal Tanné : a brown pigment full of warm highlights

Noir Obscur : an intense and deep black pigment

Or Astral : a golden pigment reminiscent of a delicate brass

Rouge Feu : a deep red pigment with a hint of orange

Cuivre Halo : a soft and luminous copper pigment

Our bookend is available in the following dimensions :

L.21,2 x l.15 x H.15 cm

serre livre


To participate in sustainable development and contribute to the preservation of natural resources, l'Alufacture has chosen an eco-design approach. A responsible creation technic, which aims to optimize the environmental impact of our designer bookend throughout its life cycle. Thus, l'Alufacture seeks to stimulate its customers' desire for informed consumption.

Our Regula bookend is made from a recycled aluminium alloy. More ecological than you might think, aluminium is a naturally durable and resistant material, which sees these technical characteristics multiplied once anodized. This clean process, certified without VOC emissions, allows our bookends to be adorned with an extremely resistant protective film and to remain completely recyclable, without any loss of quality. Did you know ? 75% of the metal produced since 1880 is still in circulation today!

serre livre
serre livre

100% french made

Bearing witness to French elegance, the Regula bookend is made in France, in the Champagne region. By selecting it, you are therefore choosing a bookend carrying strong values : it is our pledge of authenticity, our promise of quality.

It is from a French raw material, selected with high standards from local suppliers, that we design all our creations. A logical, economical and ecological choice, essential to the excellence of our finishes. All the manufacturing stages of our Regula bookend are then carried out by our own teams, specialized in aluminium work. Their unique know-how, now recognized by our most exacting clients, has been passed down in the workshops since 1938. We thus guarantee you collections with an optimized carbon footprint and controlled deadlines.


L'Alufacture designer bookend thus claims to be 100% French, and proud of it !


When anodized, aluminium acquires an extremely durable finish.

Indoors and outdoors, your aluminium coffee table successfully withstands the passage of time. And even if you want to change, anodized aluminium is 100% recyclable !


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