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vases design

Designer vases


Babel is a collection of designer vases vases that complement and contrast, in brilliant, satin and black finishes. 
The three compositions form a varied but coherent group of vases.

Entirely made of anodized aluminium, the Babel designer vases play the card of timeless shades to sublimate an excellent material. The pigments, infused into the metal, allow the material to retain its metallic reflections and regain all the nobility of its character.

Sometimes abstract sculpture, sometime scontemporary vase, sometimes bare, sometimes flowery : whether alone or in a collection, the Babel designer decorative vase successfully combines practicality and aesthetics.

Design C+B Lefebvre.

Anodized aluminium, made in France


Our Babel designer vase is available in a standard composition of matt-finished and brilliant anodized colours :

Gris Neutral : a colourless anodization that enhances aluminium

Or Astral : a golden pigment reminiscent of a delicate brass

Noir Obscur : an intense and deep black pigment

The Babel designer vases are available as standard in the following dimensions : Ø9 x H.28 / Ø6 x H.31 / Ø4 x H.33 cm

vases design

designer vases

Eco-design is the first step in creating our Babel designer vase. By taking into account the environmental impact of its product from the beginning to the end of its life cycle, l'Alufacture remains faithful to its approach of sustainable development, and its objective of contributing to the preservation of natural resources. By choosing our Babel vases, you are therefore choosing informed consumption.

With its responsible environmental profile, aluminium is much greener than you might think. Made from a recycled alloy, anodized using clean, VOC-free processes, without lacquer or varnish, our Babel designer vases combine extreme resistance and endless recyclability. A real advantage, when you know that recycling one kilo of aluminium consumes only 5% of the energy needed to produce one kilo of primary aluminium !

vases design
vases design

100% french-made
designer vases

With its Babel large designer vase, made in its workshops in Champagne, l'Alufacture makes you a real promise : that of an authentic product, ambassador of French elegance.

To live up to our quality requirement, our metal is carefully selected from local suppliers. A logical, economical and ecological choice : by working locally, l'Alufacture guarantees you a designer vase resulting from responsible production, with a controlled carbon footprint. All the manufacturing phases are then the result of the work of our specialized workshops. It is indeed thanks to the talent of our teams that the designer vases Babel are born : a real tribute to our know-how, which has been transmitted since 1938.

L'Alufacture's decorative designer vase thus claims to be 100% French, and proud to be !


When anodized, aluminium acquires an extremely durable finish.

Indoors and outdoors, your product successfully withstands the passage of time. And even if you want to change, anodized aluminium is 100% recyclable !

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