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meuble de rangement industriel

Industrial cabinet


The small Edifice industrial storage unit draws its inspiration and its forms from the key elements of the industrial environment : the aluminium profile and the aluminium sheet.


The U-shaped legs, placed at each end and aligned at 45°, give this industrial cabinet a very unique character. They enhance its workshop-style design with a contemporary touch, thus making it a strong decorative piece. The interior shelves fit into the structure of the furniture, while the upper shelf is as if placed in suspension. 

Made of anodized aluminium, the Edifice industrial-style storage unit combines the elegance of the details with the nobility of the material. Brushed and satin-brushed, the finish of the various elements contrasts with the raw beauty of the metal. Thanks to anodizing, this piece of furniture retains its metallic reflections and is adorned with unique pigments, oscillating with the daylight.

Design Atelier BL119.

Anodized aluminium, made in France


The Edifice furniture is available in the following selection of anodized colours :

Métal Tanné : a brown pigment full of warm highlights

Noir Obscur : an intense and deep black pigment

Bleu de Prusse : a dark blue pigment with black highlights

Or Astral : a golden pigment reminiscent of a delicate brass

Cuivre Halo : a soft and luminous copper pigment

Our industrial storage cabinet is available in the following dimensions : L.55 x W.45 x H.110 cm

meuble de rangement industriel

industrial cabinet

Like many references in our catalogue, the small Edifice industrial storage unit was designed using a working method specific to sustainable development : eco-design. This approach makes it possible to limit the environmental impact of the product throughout its life cycle. An excellent way for l'Alufacture to encourage informed consumption.

Our industrial cabinet, entirely designed from recycled aluminium alloys, thus has a greener environmental profile than it seems ! Without lacquer, without varnish, its anodized finish gives it extreme resistance and allows it to resist for decades, even outdoors, without losing its quality. This clean finish, free of any VOC emissions, also guarantees a perfect recyclability of the metal. Did you know ? Anodized aluminium can be recycled endlessly : 75% of the metal produced since 1880 is still in use today!

meuble de rangement industriel
meuble de rangement industriel

100% french made
industrial cabinet

As an ambassador of our values, the Edifice industrial style storage unit is made in the heart of our french workshops, in the Champagne region. By selecting it, you are choosing an authentic product, that embodies our promise of true French elegance.

By favoring aluminium of French origin, l'Alufacture is committed to both quality and responsibility. Our local suppliers allow us to access a carefully selected raw material, with a controlled carbon footprint : a logical, economical and ecological choice ! Then, from the raw metal to the finished product, our small industrial storage unit is the result of the historical know-how of our workshops. Refined since 1938, it allows our experienced operators to bring our finest collections to life.

L'Alufacture's industrial cabinet unit thus claims to be 100% French, and proud of it!


When anodized, aluminium acquires an extremely durable finish.

Indoors and outdoors, your aluminium coffee table successfully withstands the passage of time. And even if you want to change, anodized aluminium is 100% recyclable !


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