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bibliothèque sur mesure

Tailor-made bookshelf


Because everything is made by us, everything becomes possible for you : with our tailor-made bookshelf, discover the full extent of the Regula concept.

The Regula system bases its rigidity on a mechanical assembly by screwing. By maintaining the principle of perpendicularity between horizontal elements and vertical elements, the system adapts to all your desires ! Freestanding furniture, wall structure or even room divider up to the ceiling : you have carte blanche to design the structure adapted to your needs, and make Regula a unique piece of furniture.

  • Adapt the dimensions, up to 3500 mm in length

  • Add studs for a more dramatic look

  • Multiply the shelves and decide on their spacing

  • Personnalize the finish, monochrome or multicolour

Design C+B Lefebvre.

Anodized aluminium, made in France

Personnalized sizes and finishes


Our Regula system is available in a large selection of anodized colours :

Gris Neutral : a colourless pigment that enhances aluminium

Métal Tanné : a brown pigment full of warm highlights

Noir Obscur : an intense and deep black pigment

Or Astral : a golden pigment reminiscent of a delicate brass

Rouge Feu : a deep red pigment with a hint of orange

Cuivre Halo : a soft and luminous copper pigment

Length, height, width, personnalized drawing, monochrome or multicolour : our tailor-made bookshelf adapts to every dimensions and every project !

bibliothèque sur mesure

tailor-made bookshelf

Eco-design is a responsible creation process, a real lever for sustainable development. It consists in optimizing the environmental impact of a product from its early design to its end of life. With its made in France furniture, l'Alufacture is committed, at its level, to limiting the use of natural resources and encouraging informed consumption.


Our tailor-made bookshelf is entirely made of recycled aluminium, a metal with a more responsible environmental profile than you might think. Anodized using clean and certified VOC-free processes, aluminium is extremely durable. The absence of lacquer and varnish also allows it to remain infinitely recyclable. Indeed, fusion after fusion, this metal retains all its qualities, so that 75% of the aluminium produced since 1880 is still in circulation today !

bibliothèque sur mesure
bibliothèque sur mesure

100% french made
tailor-made bookshelf

Result of the work of our workshops located in the Champagne region, in France, l'Alufacture's collections are the ambassadors of French elegance. By selecting our tailor-made bookshelf , you are thus choosing an authentic and quality product, carrying assumed values.


Our creations come from a carefully selected raw material, bought from local suppliers. An economic and ecological logic, necessary for the excellence of our finishes. All the manufacturing stages of our made in France furniture are then entrusted to our workshops, specialized in the work of aluminium, and whose historical know-how has been transmitted from team to team since 1938. We thus guarantee you a contemporary bookshelf with an optimized carbon footprint and controlled deadlines.


L'Alufacture's tailor-made bookshelf claims to be 100% French, and proud of it!


When anodized, aluminium acquires an extremely durable finish.

Indoors and outdoors, your product successfully withstands the passage of time. And even if you want to change, anodized aluminium is 100% recyclable !


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