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petite étagère murale

Small wall shelf


In playing with curves and nuances of finishes, the Collage wall shelf illustrates with apparent simplicity the most beautiful facets of aluminium : the art of create a prestigious object from a raw material.

This small wall shelf adapts effortlessly to any space thanks to its compact dimensions and its airy lines. It easily dresses a passageway without cluttering it, or the sides of a bed as a bedside cabinet.  It comes both alone or juxtaposed with other models : installed in cascade, the small Collage wall shelves create an assertive decor. It's up to you to give life to a unique, monochromatic or multicolored composition !

Very easy to install, our small wall shelf allows an invisible fixing. It then gives the illusion of a floating shelf, whose finesse responds to lightness.


Design by Bling Studio.

Anodized aluminum, made in France

Several finishes available



The Collage small wall shelves are available in a selection of standard anodised colours : ​


Terre : a pigment with variations between gray and brown

Brique : a deep red pigment with a hint of orange

Naturel : a colourless pigment that sublimates aluminium


Our small wall shelf is available as a standard in following dimensions : L.60 x W.20 x H.25.9 cm

petite étagère murale

small wall shelf

As with most l'Alufacture collections, eco-design is the starting point for the creation of the small Collage wall shelf. By taking into consideration its environmental impact from the beginning to the end of its life cycle, l'Alufacture is thus entering into a sustainable development approach, with the aim of reducing the use of natural resources. By opting for l'Alufacture, you are therefore making the right choice : that of informed consumption.


Thanks to its responsible environmental profile, aluminium is greener than you might think. Anodized using clean processes, certified VOC-free, lacquer-free and varnish-free, our favorite metal guarantees you a durable, ultra-resistant and completely recyclable small wall shelf. A real plus, when you know that recycling aluminium allows 95% energy savings compared to primary aluminium production !

petite étagère murale
petite étagère murale

100% french made
small wall shelf

Ambassador of French elegance and promise of a quality product, the Collage wall shelf was born in our workshops located in France, in the Champagne region. A way for l'Alufacture to offer you a small authentic wall shelf, carrying beautiful values.


The historical know-how of our specialized workshops, which has lasted since 1938, allows l'Alufacture to centralize all the manufacturing stages necessary for the creation of our small wall shelves.

From the raw metal, sourced from our local suppliers and long-standing partners, to the finished product, the short circuit and local work are in the spotlight. A real choice, which guarantees you responsible products, a reasonable carbon footprint, and controlled deadlines.


L'Alufacture small wall shelf thus claims to be 100% made in France, and proud of it !


When anodized, aluminium acquires an extremely durable finish.

Indoors and outdoors, your product successfully withstands the passage of time. And even if you want to change, anodized aluminium is 100% recyclable !


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