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étagère murale dorée

Golden wall shelf

Regula Art Déco

Inspired by the Art Deco movement, a key architectural style of the 1920s, this golden wall shelf picks up and enhances the lines of Regula. Straight lines, unique colours : a pure design, twisted by a touch of extravagance. ​


As beautiful as it is functional, as technical as it is aesthetic, this shallow wall shelf has everything to seduce. Its anodized finish gives it a satin feel and delicate reflections, highlighting the full potential of aluminium.

Thanks to its depth of 16.7 cm, our small wall shelf is ideal above any worktop. Filled with your favorite pocket books above a pretty desk, or adorned with crockery in a contemporary kitchen, the Regula Art Deco shelf becomes a decorative object in its own right. Very easy to maintain, resistant to vapors and humidity, it can be used everywhere, even in the bathroom !

Design C+B Lefebvre.

Anodized aluminium, made in France

Possibility of tailor-made dimensions


The Regula Art Deco shallow shelf is available as standard in a mix of finishes :

Noir Obscur : an intense and deep black pigment

Or Astral : a golden pigment reminiscent of a delicate brass

It is available as standard in the following dimensions :

L.122 x H.44 x D.16.7 cm

Height between 2 shelves : 18.8 cm

Tablet width: 14.2 cm


Drawing, dimensions, finishes : our golden wall shelf can be made to measure for every project. Contact us !

étagère murale dorée

golden wall shelf

Attentive to sustainable development and limiting the use of natural resources, l'Alufacture has opted for eco-designed collections. A useful creation technique, which optimizes the environmental impact of our small wall shelf, from its birth until its end of life. By choosing l'Alufacture, you are adopting a committed approach : that of informed consumption.


More ecological than it seems, aluminium is a metal with a responsible environmental profile, guaranteeing durability and resistance. Anodized in our workshops using clean processes, without VOC emissions, without lacquer or varnish, our golden wall shelf can thus brave the passage of time, even in humid rooms, while remaining fully recyclable. And did you know ? Anodized aluminium retains its characteristics fusion after fusion so well that 75% of the metal produced since 1880 is still in circulation today !

étagère murale dorée
étagère murale dorée

100% french made
golden wall shelf

An authentic product, French elegance : these are the promises that l'Alufacture makes to you with its Regula wall shelf. As a result of the work of our French workshops located in Champagne, the golden Art Deco wall shelf is the ambassador of our values.


Specialized in aluminium work and backed by historical know-how handed down since 1938, our workshops allow l'Alufacture to master all the manufacturing steps necessary to create our small wall shelf. The short circuit and local work are more than a priority for us : it is a logical, economical and ecological choice ! From a raw material sourced from our local suppliers and long-time partners, we thus guarantee our customers responsible products, a reasonable carbon footprint, and controlled deadlines.


L'Alufacture's shallow shelving unit claims to be 100% French, and proud of it !


When anodized, aluminium acquires an extremely durable finish.

Indoors and outdoors, your product successfully withstands the passage of time. And even if you want to change, anodized aluminium is 100% recyclable !


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